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Our Story

Independent Brands

We only work with small, independent eyeware companies like Ahlem, Anne et Valentin, Mykita, Theo, Barton Perreira, Masunaga, Dandy’s , and more. All frames are handcrafted in Japan, France, Belgium, and Germany.


Eye Care Services

Primary Eye Care

Annual exams are recommended for patients of all ages – blurred vision or not.

Contact Lens Exams

Featuring Today’s Most Advanced Technology – Increased comfort, wear time, oxygen permeation, and moisture. Specifically designed to give you all day comfort.

Sports & Performance

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we assess the ten different visual/neuro and motor skills that are considered to be most indicative of performance to identify areas of both strength and weakness.

Dry Eye Disease

Beyond just rewetting drops, we employ various other (and very effective) means of controlling your symptoms and more importantly, treating the underlying condition.

Ocular Emergencies

There are certain eye signs you should never ignore – sudden changes/loss of vision, a red or painful eye, double vision, flashes and/or new onset floaters just to name a few. 

LASIK & Cataract Consultations

We have relationships with only the best surgeons. Let us guide you in the right direction, and after your procedure, recover in your home office vs a busy surgical center.


What People are Saying

“A Great Find.”

“Great experience, beautiful office & fantastic support by Dr. Jesse. I went to her for a contact exam / fitting and it was a simple yet informative process. I struggled with contacts in the past so she went above and beyond to answer all my questions and make sure I was comfortable. I highly recommend!

Donny Michel, Google Local Guide

“Flawless service.”

Wow! This place is a gem. Dr Camen is excellent, thorough, kind; a real delight. David offers a great selection of frames, more akin to a NYC or Paris boutique, and he has an incredible eye. Everything he suggested looked great, and he listened to what I wanted while steering me to something fabulous. Delighted!

Stephanie Kelly

“Highly Recommended.”

Good people who genuinely seem to care. Dave the owner, without any prompting by me, offered and subsequently cleaned my glasses. Dr. Camen really took quality time to understand my challenges and needs. She did some solid research and came back with a very doable solution that I was told at another place didn’t exist.

Doug Cyphers, Google Local Guide


I’m so happy I found Dr. Camen. She is very detailed oriented and spent over an hour with me running different tests. Of course, she figured the root of the problem and got me the right prescription glasses. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you, Dr. Camen!

Sasha Khachiyan

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News And Events

Stay informed with the latest information and eye care news from our in-house expert, Dr. Jesse Camen.

Sports and Eye Injuries

Sports and Eye Injuries

Eye trauma is a serious risk whether you’re an athlete or enjoy recreational sports. Approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are treated in the emergency room each year, with a third of them resulting in permanent vision loss. Fortunately, 90% of these...

Dementia and The Aging Eye

Dementia and The Aging Eye

The expression “eyes are the window to the brain” is true in many ways. Our eyes are the only place in the entire body where you can directly view one of the brain's 12 cranial nerves (optic nerve). Researchers studying the connections between the eyes and the brain...

A Guide For The New Progressive Lens Wearer

A Guide For The New Progressive Lens Wearer

As we get older, our ability to focus on nearby objects, such as our phone or a restaurant menu, tends to diminish. This condition is referred to as presbyopia.

Whether you have an existing prescription or this is your first time needing glasses, various lens options are available to help.

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