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This vintage inspired collection is hand made in France by trained artisans with a passion for eyewear. AHLEM was launched in 2014 by Parisian designer Ahlem Manai-Platt. After working 10 years in the fashion industry, she decided to try her hand in designing eyewear after losing her beloved pair of vintage sunglasses. The result is a collection of eyewear of superior quality and classic styling. AHLEM eyewear will stand the test of time with its clean lines and outstanding craftsmanship.


    For the last 30 years, Anne et Valentine has been showing the world the true meaning of “Made in France”. In Toulouse, France, two opticians created the brand to fill a need that wasn’t being met. The need to be different. The mission was to create unique frames for their customers rather than fit their customers with the eyewear that was readily available. They wanted to create a product that would reflect the personalities of the people they were serving, fun, colorful, and full of life. Inspired by their mission and the rich art culture that surrounded them, they created one of the most successful and truly unique eyewear brands in the world. Anne et Valentine are masters in the art of combining complementary colors and materials. With their unique shapes and unconventional color stories, Anne et Valentine eyeglasses will make your personality shine.


      Founded by eyewear veterans Billy Barton and designer Patty Perreira, BARTON PERREIRA has established itself as one of the most recognizable American eyewear companies. The brand represents an understated luxury for those who want high end without the labels and logos. A favorite among many celebrities and public figures, BARTON PERREIRA embodies both a love of vintage and a nod to the future. All styles are manufactured by the best craftsmen in Japan using the latest technology and premium frame materials such as titanium and custom colored acetate.


      Masunaga Optical premiered the production of eyeglasses in Fukui, Japan in 1905. The company founder Gozaemon Masunaga hired the best artisans from Osaka to Tokyo to establish Fukui as the eyewear manufacturing mecca in Japan. He dreamed of a place where all the processes involved to produce eyewear would be housed under one roof. From the manufacturing of the materials to the making of the molds. For over 100 years, Masunaga has prided itself in producing only the very best eyewear. They are known for their intricate detailing on both metal and acetate and continued innovations in frame design.


      Iconic fashion designer, Mitsuhiro Matsuda, transformed his love of architecture into one of the most innovative fashion houses in the world. Founded in Japan over 50 years ago, Matsuda Eyewear is known worldwide for its meticulous processes in handmade eyewear using precious materials such as titanium and gold. Matsuda’s philosophy of combining art and fashion has resulted in some of the most unique eyewear ever designed. Their signature side shields, and hand filigree detailing are distinct characteristics that appeal to those who crave innovative styling and originality. Each eyeglass design can take up to two years from concept to completion. Each finished piece is guaranteed to be as unique as the person who wears it.


      Founded in Berlin in 2003, the first MYKITA premises were housed a former children’s day care, called Kita in German. This was the inspiration of the name, My-Kita. MYKITA’s philosophy revolves around handcraft and high technology. Their patented openly displayed spiral hinge is a signature feature that distinguishes the brand from all others. Stainless steel is prominently featured in the collection along with thin profile acetate. The newest innovation includes a collection of eyewear made of MYLON, a durable lightweight polymer that is formed into solid objects using the most advanced 3D printing technology. MYKITA – Where fashion meets the future.


      THEO was founded in Antwerp, Belgium by designer Patrick Hoet (THEO spelled backwards) and the Somers family to create unique eyewear designs for their two local optical shops. The combination of art, individuality and a bit of humor has made THEO a brand that is sought after by many around the world. The eccentrically unique and colorful designs don’t compare to any other. THEO designs frames for those that want to stand out from the masses. Unconventional frame shapes and blow your mind color combinations are their specialty.


      By style, Dandy means an aesthetic as well as a behavioural genre characterised by the love of beauty in its broadest sense, by the taste for sought-after details, from the pleasure of timeless objects

      Someone who loves this style is attracted by beauty as an end in itself, and for this reason strives to find it in everything and everyone they meet.

      The choices we have made in the past make us who we are today. We can tell you what you want, but to really understand a Dandy’s you have to touch it, wear it, read it. Each eyewear has something special, such as a small serial number. A detail, an intimate number, a secret between the glasses and the wearer.


      Rapp Optical was originally established in 1983 as high-end retail optical dispensary in Toronto Canada, but quickly turned to frame design and manufacturing, with the brand creation of Rapp Eyewear.

      In 2001 a separate fabrication facility in Toronto was created, where today Rapp Eyewear closely monitors the in-house design and production of all frames.

      Rapp Eyewear designs and manufactures limited collections of bespoke hand-finished eyeglasses, which we wholesale to a select number of hand-picked optical shops throughout the world, as well as in our own store.


      Of Sicilian origin but adopted in Venice, Piero Massaro works hard for his fresh original creativity, cloaked in the delicious details and lacking any outside contamination.

      He entrusts the realization of his eyeglasses only to the capable hands of artisans working alongside him, who must perform with almost obsessive precision.  In 2014, after an initial nomination in 2012 he was awarded a prestigious special prize by the International jury of Silmo d’Or   He lives and works in Veneto, but his bond with his native land, Sicily, is very strong and his origins are almost touchable in the colors he chooses for the acetates that seem to have the perfume of oranges, almonds and pistachio nuts